Welcome to the web site of Derek Bryant

A little about me.
Graduating from Bath University with an  honours degree in Maths, I worked at BAC Bristol for two years on hybrid (digital + analogue) computer systems. This involved working with aeronautical engineers to simulate and test aircraft design features using computerised mathematical modelling.
I then worked for Burroughs Computers selling accounting computers for 2 years before joining Benson Electronics, the English subsidiary of a French company which had just started in the UK. The company sold equipment into the computer graphics market and grew in size to some 100 personnel during my 10 years stay. My final position was UK Sales and Marketing Manager, with a department staffing of over 30 employees.
 Seeing opportunities within the computer graphics market, I left to set up my own company - The Presentation Express in 1985. The company specialised in preparing presentation material for companies, initially 35mm slides and overhead transparencies using computers, to full blown computer animation and video presentations in the latter years. In particular I designed and coded a bespoke database/presentation package for Legal & General using the then cutting edge software - Macromedia Director. This was a vast improvement on the then current offerings such as Powerpoint, and the quality of their presentations was highly regarded within the Financial industry.